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\ Date: April 27, 2017

Wear The Party At?


Clubbing, or as how our parents used to call it – disco, to some extent is a phase everyone goes through when they hit the legal age of 18, and if you haven’t been clubbing at that age you would be considered a social outcast, or somewhat an otaku. Some say it’s the devil’s den where you pick up vices and bad habits. Most people would have survived this chapter in their lives as they grow older, while for some… well, they’re probably still partyin’ it out with the devil.

Back then we would often hear stories about how parents lament about their children, especially the daughters, wearing too little, too racy, too risqué, and the list goes on. “How could you even wear that out??” or the “Are you trying to get unwanted attention?” It’s not much pressure on the guys though, as they can just wear whatever they want, as long as they get home in time for breakfast, or not passed out somewhere in a random longkang with puke all over. Lol. What we know is that most party-goers tend to dress to impress!

Clubbing fashion nowadays has gone through drastic changes since the days of denim jackets, rugby shirts and flair pants. Here are some flashbacks of how party-goers used to dress up when they are out at night:


Fashion in the 90s are often heavily influenced by pop culture and TV shows. One of them is the hit TV series, 90210 (cast pic shown below). Baggy jeans and shirts were iconic back then, topped it off with a hairstyle covered with gel or mousse, you’re good to go for a night out!

Visual 1

The Spice Girls played a major role as well when it comes to the girls’ fashion influence in the 90s; Sexy Spice and Ginger Spice moulded the path to tight, sexy, bosom-revealing slip dresses, Baby Spice was all about being cute and loveable; Sporty Spice contributed a light for girls who rather be comfortable rocking it out in tracksuit; while Scary Spice, well, sheer tops were all thanks to her!

visual 2

The boys back then would also be seen looking like one of the Backstreet Boys, or N’Sync. Often you would see guys sporting bell bottoms, loose-fitting clothes and leather jackets. The unmissable spiky, dyed hairstyle would also be easily spotted in any clubs! Either that, or the Nick Carter centre-parting. Awesome-possum!

Visual 5

The Millennium (2000s)

As we entered the millennium, party fashion started to tone down. Colour coordination wasn’t a big issue anymore, people just wore whatever they felt comfortable in. Cargo pants, a simple statement tee and sneakers is probably the norm; once a while a singlet paired off with a jacket here and there.

You’d often see guys pop their collars, like how made famous by a French footballer, Eric Cantona; brandishing their new streaked hair highlights of bright blonde or red. At that time, the V-necks started to come in trend as well. Guys, if you’d wanna try this look, just make sure your V-neck isn’t too low, or else.

visual 3

Visual 4

As mellow as it gets, most people started wanting to look proper when they go out to party. As shown below (S Club 7), colour coordination came into play – dark shirt (untucked) and a pair of dark-coloured denims became the public’s favourite. It’s probably what you’d see nowadays, as people try not to stand out too much, while being in something comfortable while they dance through the night.

Visual 6

Korean pop, or casually called K-pop, started in the late 1990s. As we step into the millennium, the Korean Wave swept through the whole world and now everyone is starting to dress and wanting to look like a k-pop star. Skinnies, though uncomfortable, is the trend now; along with tight-fitting clothes, scarves and designer sneakers. Youngsters, while idolizing their fave Korean stars like G-Dragon, Big Bang, Super Junior, Girls Generation, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, and the long list goes on; they start to copy their idols’ fashion style – from top to toe!

Nowadays, when you step into ANY clubs, you’d probably feel like you have arrived in a South Korean club.

Visual 7

Can any of you relate to the few fashion styles mention? Leave us your comments!

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