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Tinder, A Boon or Bane?

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\ Date: May 10, 2016

Dating on Tinder in Malaysia can be new and interesting, or terrifying and soul sucking, depending on your audience.

tinder-featured image2I have friends who swear by it and are now in loving, monogamous relationships with their once Tinderdates. And I have friends who are so burned by the carousel of bad dates, they’ve sworn off dating completely for the time being.

Whether or not Tinder ends up working for you, really depends on what you want. Let me elaborate:


If you’re looking for hook-ups, just be upfront and save everyone time

Most people are coy about casual sex in Malaysia and tend to compensate with shady photos of fake muscled men, or animals as a profile photo (what’s up with all the Tigers and Lions?), or cars (seriously, girls do not care about all your car logos, stop using that as your profile photo). If you want a casual hook up, it’s best to say it politely on your profile and await appropriate responses. It saves time and effort on both sides. And when they do respond, don’t be creepy.



tinder-longterm r_shipIf you’re looking for a long term relationship, there is a high chance that you won’t find what you’re looking for

Tinder is an app based on physical appearance. So if you’re looking for a long term relationship, and swiping left on a large chunk of women who don’t meet certain expectations physically, then you’re gonna have to get real with what you want in a long-term relationship. A good relationship that works is built on trust, mutual values and empathy, not her come-hither eyes and massive breasts. Technology does a wonderful job of appearing to offer numerous choices, but are these real choices? Meeting someone organically, because you happen to like her personality and love of graphic novels could be better for you under these circumstances.



tinder-affairIf you’re looking to have an affair

See point 1. If you’re posting those shady nondescript photos cos you are already in a relationship and/or married, I’m here to tell you, KL is the size of a small village and no matter how smart you think you’re being, you are going to get found out. Be smart. Be respectful. And if you’re cheating, perhaps you should be re-thinking your current relationship.



If you’re looking to meet friends

Hmm. This is an odd one. I’m assuming it works for expatriates, tourists or really lonely Malaysians? As Tinder has an element of casual sex to it, so if friendship or interesting people to hang out with is what you’re looking for then be ready to explain that, with the kind of interests that you actually want to share with others


Finally, leaving your profile blank dudes, that’s a no-no. Girls who looking for fun or a relationship would certainly still want to know elements of your personality. Leaving that blank with the photo of a beach or aforementioned tiger will most often result in a swipe left!

Good luck!

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