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Unconventional Valentine’s Day Dates

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\ Date: February 14, 2017

It’s February; the month to celebrate LOVE! However, Valentine’s Day is slowly losing its appeal thanks to over-priced flowers, gifts and restaurants with cut-throat “promotions”.

How about trying something different for a change? Here are 6 of our top picks for something fun, romantic, yet economical at the same time:

1. Visit an animal shelter1. Visit an animal shelter

Being around animals is always one of the best things you and your partner can do together. You can pay a visit to animal shelters like SPCA or PAWS, and spend a day being around the furkids. You both may end up doing a good thing as well if you have that sudden urge to adopt a dog or cat who yearns for a loving home.  You can even name your newly adopted furkid “Valentine”.



2. Shooting Range visual2. Shooting range

Boom Boom Pow! This would be the perfect activity if your partner is into new, exciting things. You can check it out at the Subang Shooting Range as they have different ranges that cater to different guns, such as air pistols or air rifles, or revolvers. If this is a little too loud for you, there is also the option of paintball arenas. Alternatively, mimic cupid by playing Counter-Strike with your partner.


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3. Volunteer at an old folks home / orphanage3. Volunteer OFH - visual

Valentine’s Day isn’t really about couples showing their love to one another – everyone can celebrate too! Brighten up an old timer’s day with a simple visit. Instead of spending loads of money on flowers, presents and a dinner (which you can do anytime of the year), you and your partner could spend for a better cause and make them oldies remember this day where they can feel loved again. You might also get to hear one or two romantic stories during their hey days!

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4. Mini Trip visual4. A Mini Trip

If both you and your partner are avid foodies, this will be the perfect activity. Plan a route and eat as you go. Try to take the scenic route instead of the highway, as you’d be able to experience more sights, rather than just trees, passing cars and more trees. If you’re not into a food, be a local tourist and snap photos of every stop and landmark along the way. Be the interesting one and read up on the attractions then roleplay as a tour guide for your partner.

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5. Make something for one another (DIY)5. Make Something visual

Create a card, shoot a video, or try your hands at origami crafts. The list goes on and on. While anyone can fork out cash for roses or oversized greeting cards, you can pour your heart and soul into what you are making; just a simple DIY card can easily make your other half smile like the Cheshire Cat; that’s the magic of one’s sincerity when you do it yourself.


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6. Bonus visualBonus:

Since we’re talking about unconventional Valentine’s Day dates, here’s an added option:

Pack a light luggage with sufficient clothes and amenities to last for two days, go to the airport and randomly pick a flight somewhere. An unplanned trip for two would definitely be a long lasting memory that you both could share at lunches or dinners with your friends, and definitely an interesting story to tell the kids (or grandkids).

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